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Journal last updated: Tuesday, August 10th 2010 at 5:36 PM
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Part 2-10:

Cali stares at you, making you feel uncomfortable.

"Er...if that's ok..." You stammer out.

"It's fine. You can sleep on the floor."


When you get to your room, you finally feel how exhausted you are. You shower, clean up, and order some room service for dinner.

"This is getting to be a problem," you say, in between bites. "We're completely out of money."

"Don't worry about it," replies Cali non-chalantly. "You get paid 10,000 for winning a contest. And anyway, we can always ask Oak for more."

You nod, but still feel uneasy about this situation. You could not imagine a night without food to eat or a bed to sleep in.


You finally get ready to sleep, curling up on the floor, with Ditto right next to you, snoring softly.

"Mike? You awake?" Asks Cali's voice from above you on the bed.

"Yeah?" You reply.

"Do you really think I can win the contest?"

"Yeah sure, you have the right spunk and attitude, you know. And you're pretty strong, you just have to have the right combinations in order to let your Pokemon's beauty shine. And by the way, you're totally hot."

You hear a giggle from above. "But I mean, I don't even have a second Pokemon..."

"Yeah you do. I caught that Caterpie for you."

"Really? Are you sure?"

"Yeah, of course. I know you'd do the same for me."

The room is silent for a few minutes.

"Mike?" Asks Cali again.


"I'm really glad I get to do this journey with you."

You lay back in your bed and close your eyes, in a few minutes you're asleep.


After you finish eating breakfast in the cafeteria, you go to check on Caterpie.

"Here you go, all better!" Says Nurse Joy, handing you your Pokemon. You give the Pokeball to Cali, who smiles and clips it on her belt.

"By the way, Nurse Joy, do you know when the Viridian Contest is?"

"Why, of course, it's later today. You better hurry if you want to-"

The words trailed off as you and Cali sprint out the door.
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