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Joined: Tue. Jun. 9/09
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From: Netherlands
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SagaDavid's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, February 7th 2019 at 5:02 PM
Location: Netherlands
Time zone: GMT+1
Latest shiny: 518: Beeark #150,304

I'm not going to keep a daily journal any more. From now on, I'll only make entries describing special things like shinies, records etc, not normal daily activity.

Jan 2: Volcanion and Tapu Koko from event vouchers
Jan 4: Summoned a Ho-oh, which showed up more than an hour later!!
Jan 6: Sh. Exeggcute
Jan 10: Hoopa ring/egg found
Jan 16: Sh. Rowlet (SWSH)
Jan 23: Blue chest -> Souldew
Jan 27: Sh. Litten
Feb 5: Sh. Popplio
Feb 10: Sh. Taillow
Feb 13: Silver chest -> rainbow wing
Feb 14: Only 8(/15) vouchers, but...
Feb 15: Sh. Mimikyu!!!! (1st on site) & Sh. Wishiwashi (also 1st!)
Feb 19: Sh. Sandygast & Sh. Pawniard
Feb 23: Sh. Alolan Vulpix
Mar 21: Sh. Alolan Sandshrew'
Mar 31: Sh. Oricorio (Pa'u)
Apr 1: Sh. Oricorio (Baile)
Apr 19: Sh. Cutiefly
Jun 9: Sh. Oricorio (Pompom)
Jun 13: A Manaphy egg and a MissingNo.??
Jun 15: Sh. Alolan Grimer. And wormhole!
Jun 20: Sh. Oricorio (Sensu)
Jul 5: Sh. Mudbray
Jul 15: Sh Rockruff (SWSH)
Jul 16: Sh. Type: Null
Jul 24: Sh. Salandit
Jul 26: Sh. Rockruff
Jul 31: Sh Salandit (2)
Aug 28: Sh. Stufful
Oct 4: something strange, egg
Oct 27: Sh. Salandit (3)
Oct 31: Sh. Zygarde cell, Undaunted achievement
Dec 19: Sh. Baltoy
Feb 10: Sh. Bounsweet & Sh. Jangmo-o & Alolan Geodude !
Feb 20: Portal & ultra wormhole
Feb 25: Sh. Salandit
Mar 19: Sh. Lillipup (SWSH)
May 29: Sh. Wimpod (SWSH)
Sep 15: Sh. Igglybuff (SWSH)
Oct 31: Sh. Gastly
Dec 3: Sh. Drampa
Dec 23: Sh. Grubbin
Dec 27: Sh. Dhelmise (Secrete Santa)
Dec 31: Sh. Fomantis
Jan 1: Sh. Pyukumuku
Feb 7: Sh. Beeark
SagaDavid has no recent activity.

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Godsend (May 3/15)
Pokedex Master Plus (Apr 4/11)
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Master Collector (Jan 2/13)

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