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Journal last updated: Friday, November 27th 2009 at 11:16 AM
Hello everyone!
Im from Finland~

I really really REALLY want Mew & Mewtwo eggs! AAARGH

Stuff I have found:
-Razor Fang, don't even remember when! It just came to me XD !!
-You look to your feet, and find a Leaf Stone. Congratulations! -16:50 11.11.09

I will ALWAYS click back to you, IF you click fully my party~
One clickers will get none. Buuut still, feel free to click me once, but unfortunetly you won't get any clicks back :]

My coal is to collect ONLY all those old fashion first pokémons~! 'Cos I really don't like the new ones, sorry...Anyway, that's my coal and I'll make it happen! So Please help me haching my pokémons!

I may collect some finnish ppl in to my Pal Pad, so...Älkää säikähtäkö jos ilmestytte kaverilistalleni yhtäkkiä! ''D Jooo eeen toki oo suomi-puolueellinen täällä~~
HUOM. Klikkaan sit aina kavereita aina ku kerkiän.
BUUUT If you're in my PalPad and not from Finland, that's becouse Im interestet in your party and like to help you~!
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