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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 6th 2016 at 10:52 AM
Currently Saving For
"Corporate GPXPlus" Achievement ----^

Might not get to click back! Been extremely busy! SORRY!
Member of ||||~~~*#The Clicking Coalition#*~~~||||
Crimson Kitsune is at the top of my pal pad cause they're awesome! No real order for the rest.[/c]

Clicking Policy
I do my best to do full click-backs no matter how many of mine you click. However, if the pokemon in your party are eggs waiting to hatch, I can't really do anything. If you click me within an hour of the reset, feel free to PM me your username so I can get you back the next day.

If You Wish To Contact Me
Email: Ryutana@ymail.com
Fanfiction. net: Ryutana
Archiveofourown: Ryutana

[X] Get base forms of all Gen I Pokémon
[X] Get base forms of all Gen II Pokémon
[X] Get base forms of all Gen III Pokémon
[X] Get base forms of all Gen IV Pokémon
[X] Get base forms of all Gen V Pokémon
[X] Get base forms of all Gen VI Pokémon

[ ] Obtain Female Eevee (careful, gentle, or docile natured)
[X] Level Byakuya to lvl 100
[X] Level Ho-oh to lvl 100
[ ] Obtain all Eeveelutions [5/8]
[X] Obtain Ditto
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Kanto Champion (Oct 9/12)
Novelty Collector (Jul 7/10)
The Pokii Complex (Jul 1/10)
Professor Oak (Feb 15/10)
Professor Elm (Feb 15/10)
Professor Birch (Jan 3/10)
Professor Rowan (Jan 4/10)
Great Success! (Jul 1/10)

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