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 Rufioh Nitram

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Journal last updated: Friday, December 21st 2012 at 8:23 PM
ah hey there... 1'm new to th1s craz1ness, so n1ce to meet you, and hope we get along alr1ght...

Woo, alright, nice ta meet ya. I'm Raz; if I'm on your Pal Pad or you're on mine you can count on daily clicks and correct berry feedings. Otherwise you'll probably fall into the realm of random keysmashee. And I meet the people who've interacted with me halfway, clicking most of them. Annnnnd that's enough of that boring stuff eh? Ahahahahahaha.

Currently I'm on the high from a successful Shiny hunt, and resting on my laurels for the next one. Yeah if it wasn't already obvious I'm a nut~
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