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Journal last updated: Tuesday, March 16th 2010 at 9:52 PM
Happy New Year
Update: ok it did not prevail at all it's in a coma n it was sent to the hospital, n has not returned. will be using dad's laptop when i can, but it's not gonna be everyday, so i'll try to log on and le click.

Status: back to school, but i will be on everyday just not after 11:30 pm before server reset.
[_]Clicking back. ^_^
[_] Idle,
[_]Be back in a few
[_]Went to sleep.

Well,I will always click back full party, if you click on me. If you click once on mine, i will click back full but be fair and try to not click only one.

At times, i may forget to log on for the whole day, or maybe I'm just extremely busy and can't get on.

If you had clicked me and i didn't, i sincerely apologize, but i will make sure that it does not happen often.

If you are going to click once, click the Pokemon that is close to hatching or leveling please or if neither those, the one with more maturity.

Please try to feed the correct berry, if you are here, you must know you're berries so come on

Favorite Pokemon(s):

[x]Mightyena(love Mightyena)
[_]Shiny Munchlax(shiny pokemon that i want, its so cute.)
[_]Shiny Roselia (another cute shiny pokemon i want, the black rose in the hand is the reason lol)
[_]Shiny Beedrill (want shiny beedrill, it's color is amazing)

[_]All the starter Pokemon(12/~)
[_]All legendary Pokemon (1/~)
[_]All water Pokemon(10/~)

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