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 Rozy 14

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Journal last updated: Friday, April 29th 2016 at 12:50 AM
♥♥Hey this is Rozy 14!♥♥


Gone Studyin'
Oops, didn't realise I was still doing an exploration >_< Maybe I'll hold the record for longest time to complete? :p

UPDATE: Exploration still in progress after an incredibly long hiatus haha, but I'm back for now and will endeavour to complete it at last! Thanks ♥

Proudly Part Of:
The Clicking Coalition?
The Berry Smart Group?

Rozy14 is: on the hunt for the Little Man 2/0 Rozy 14 ~`*'~

Joined: 20th June 2009

I try to click anything & everything :)

AUSTRALIA! My time = 14 hours ahead of server time: i.e. reset = 2pm

>>Mass Plusle and Minun Shelter Release: TBA<< (Shelter Box) Check Stats
Trying to Achieve: NOW::Afterwards
Plain Badge: Clefairy Miltank
Weatherman: All 4 forms of Castform
Forbidden Love: Zangoose+Seviper (Breed)
Star Spangled Banner
Skitty On Wailord
Rising Badge: DragonairX2 Gyarados Kingdra
Heat Badge: Slugma Torcoal Slugma
Professor Oak: Charmander Bulbasaur Squirtle

GOALS: [$] = Done [ ] = Incomplete

#1 - Get a Pikachu [ ] (Evolve Pichu)
#2 - Get a Vulpix and evolve it into a NineTales [ ]
#3 - Get a Mew & Mewtwo [ ]
#4 - ♥ of Gold [ ]
#5- Shiny Plusle [ ] and Shiny Minun [ ]

Please click on my pals' parties!

Thanks for visiting my Pokèmon and clicking them! :)
♥♥Rozy 14 :p♥♥
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Boulder Badge (Jul 31/11)
Rising Badge (Nov 15/14)
Heat Badge (Apr 29/16)
Mind Badge (Jun 24/11)
Coal Badge (Aug 25/11)
Enough Already (Aug 28/11)
Novelty Collector (Jun 28/15)
Surf's Up! (May 26/12)
Lucky (Feb 2/10)
Playing Hard to Get (May 26/12)
Happy Anniversary! (Aug 23/10)
Dr. Fuji (Nov 19/11)
Kimono Girl (Nov 15/14)
Royal Flush (Oct 10/11)
Expert Trainer (Sep 6/11)

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