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Journal last updated: Wednesday, September 26th 2018 at 8:05 PM
Still Active in 8/2018

* 8/28 = Raising Bunnelby, Tyrunt, Tropius, Happiny, & Lapras to 100. Almost there, Tyrunt/Happiny are done & Bunnelby is almost at 99. Currently, T= Lvl 85 & L = 83. This is for DOTW Task 11, using my Meadow Plate (for my 7th overall Arceus). When that's all done, I need a Splash Shard to get that plate.

* 9/16/18 = Got Sh. Igglybuff for the SWSH & It's fully evolved into Wigglytuff (still raising) Egg #30 & the very next day I get the 3yr long elusive Sh. Swablu. It's also fully evolved into Sh. Mega Altaria (Gorgeous!). Egg #520 & giving me my 2nd Sky Shard. So I'm only hunting the pokemon I don't need shards from today. They make Shinies #61 & #62. I also celebrate 4yrs here on GPX & still lovin' it! <3

P.S. I'm finally on the last DOTW Task (40k clicks) & hopefully will get my Grass Arceus / use up that Meadow Plate. I'll probably go crazy hatching Corsola for my next plate. Once this is done (meadow), I'll have used 7 plates. Only 10 more, lol & I'll additionally choose another Mega to hunt when a slot opens.

* 9/21/18 = Hatched my overall 63rd Shiny - Venonat. Evolved into Venomoth & raised to Lvl. 100 & put in UG. Received my 3rd Insect Shard. It's egg #233 from a 670 day hunt.

P.S. I love hunting shinies that are usually pink, purple & turquoise blue. Ones I think are pretty &/or elegant.

* 9/25/18 = Hatched my overall 64th Shiny - Oricorio (Baile). Egg #234 from a 562 day hunt. I'm getting pretty lucky.
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