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Journal last updated: Wednesday, May 4th 2011 at 5:19 PM
Hi i am Ronica on PMU, and on chatango i am know as Ronicatheraichu.I am into touhou music atm too.
i play poke farm pokefarm .org/_ext/user/Ronica#0 this is not a add i just for get the page some times
If you add me i may click on your eggs but you have to click on mine too!
i like pichu pikachu and raichu and i hate that ppl call them rats, they are mice
If anyone finds pokemon i let go take go care of them plez i only let them go because i had no more for them all
Deam list(so far):Hatch winter vupix[X] ,get a clone egg or a 2ed clone pokemon[X], Hatch a shiny[X], Get at less one of my Adamant pokemon to lv 100[]
There sould be achievements for breeding shinys no matter who hatchs it the breedre should be thanked,right?
Hatched a Shiny Zangoose, now a Shiny Gulpin! ^.^
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