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 Rogue Eevee

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Journal last updated: Friday, May 29th 2015 at 6:00 PM
We were all gathered together, sitting in a circle around the fire when Rogue began to speak. Her voice commanded our attention and silenced the army around her. "My people," She said as she stood in place and motioned around at all of us gathered. "You have traveled far and I applaud you for your endeavors. I know you have worked hard to make it here in hopes of learning everything there is to know in the art of Pokemon battling and rearing, and that time has almost come. But here and now I will test you all and see what exactly you have learned. Because studying is important but to master you must actually do it!"

Her coat billowed behind her as she produced a single ball from her waist. Pushing the middle button it grew in size, shocking all of us in seconds. "Fight me!" Rogue roared, sending out her Altaria. "Come at me and show who deserves to be my pupil!"

In a flurry Pokeballs came out of hiding. Grown men and women producing a multitude of strong and powerful Pokemon onto the floor. I was surrounded by the strongest of Pokemon battlers and was intimidated by the power before me.

Pulling out my own red and white ball I said a prayer to Arceus, for the guidance I needed to impress such an amazing power that was Rogue. Releasing my shiny Eevee from its ball; I looked into it's beautiful face and witnessed the hope and drive we both shared. No matter what obstacle could get in our way we will overcome it all. Because our dream isn't to become Champion or Pokemon Master. We are going to run Rogue and become even greater than that!

Eevee watched the throng of Pokemon and trainers before us locked into battle for a second before glancing up at me with determination on its face, ready for battle. "Alright little one." I said in reply to its unspoken question. "Let's show them what we are made of!"
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