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Journal last updated: Tuesday, June 22nd 2010 at 9:44 PM

||||~~groups i'm a part of~~||||
[x] [x]

currently: too busy to play this for a while, sorryyy.

shiny hunts~ [teddiursa]

DANG3R! please do not feed the rippy.

"rippy is a rare, nomadic creature. the few trainers that have sighted her claim that she has never been seen without her precious camera between her paws. unlike many of her kind, this awkward human-shaped pokemon is known to flee as soon as she thinks a fight is going to begin. the few trainers she's willing to approach are those that possess the aspects she values: creativity, kindness, and the marvelous ability to burp the alphabet. her life-long mate is a gorgeous canadian boy by the name of "kanan". much of her free time is spent guarding him from the wandering hands of jealous, drooling females."

location: texas
type: rippy
nature: quirky (happily eats anything vegetarian)
status: normal
level: 17
maturity: 0 / 1,000,000
happiness: 1337
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