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 Akira Rose

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Akira Rose's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, October 23rd 2016 at 7:36 PM
Hey, this is Akira Rose and welcome to my page. It's been a while! Can't promise I'll be active all the time...because, well, work and life.

Slow and steady does the trick for me so I tend to take my time on GPX stuff...sure it makes special explorations a nightmare and a couple of achievements out of the question but oh well. Also, the day I ever complete the Expert Clicker achievement or heaven forbid, the Master Clicker achievement is the day I ban myself from GPX lol Okay, thanks to the new changes, this is MUCH easier to do now. I also make sure to feed Exploration Pokemon the right berry.

I love PMing people Congrats if I happen to breed a shiny for them. My best moment was breeding a shiny for someone who was over 1100 eggs into their hunt. I can't control it, but it's still cool.

Wish List/Goals:

Shiny Swablu
Generation III/Hoenn based achievements
Collect All the Unown (3/28)
Get my rank down to 1,000s
Akira Rose has no recent activity.

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Johto Champion (Apr 22/14)
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Johto Master (Sep 23/10)
Professor Elm (Jan 6/10)
Kimono Girl (Jan 2/11)
The Golden Years (Apr 26/14)

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