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Journal last updated: Saturday, January 1st 2011 at 5:25 PM
Willing to breed Winter vulpix ^w^

Current Goal(s)
Don't have any but to hatch eggs

I got an Dialga egg 2/3/2010/ Yayz

i found two manaphy eggs 2/14/10 YAYZ !!
Mana mana 3/12/10
Mar:14 While finally putting down soulsilver i looked in the shelter and found a winter vulpix XD
~~*I always click back when I can*~~
Jump for joy I got my wish ^_^ I got a Jirachi egg

To all the clickers her i'm currently glued to my soul silver game when i'm done with my homework so i may not click more than 300 egg and pokemon

The most interactions in a day which i may never do again: 645 yeah forget what i said earlier... new number in one sitting: 1,246.. new record 1,635 !
666 interaction !? 2/12/10 O_O;
2/13/10 1, 130
2/14/10 2,032 interactions

And by the way.. I'm Togekiss Torchic from Serebii ^w^ can't put the big dot in between them on gpx...
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