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Journal last updated: Wednesday, March 18th 2015 at 12:33 PM
My first shiny was a Hoothoot, hatched from my original 6 batch. :D
Hi. I'm ReaderGir1, and my favorite Pokemon is Totodile. She is my non-human soulmate <3
I try to click back, so click me! I click everything that needs to hatch or level, so I might skip level 100's or hatchable eggs. I'm all about achievements and exploring, and also the pokedex. I don't exactly click like a boss, but i raise enough for upgrades, so that's a plus :3
I now have 4 shinies bred by Alex and Thomas! Woohoo! :D and i wasn't even looking for 'em!

Shinies found from needed mons for exploration:

Bred shinies:
Swinub (own)
Furfrou (own)
Thanks for reading, and Godspeed!
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