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Journal last updated: Friday, August 26th 2016 at 5:22 PM
In an alternate universe I would never have been able to take off at the tender age of ten and live like a hobo off the land -- with the blessing, even encouragement of adults, ESPECIALLY my mother! In this world, Dad's are all gym leaders, apparently a groupie kind of thing, like all the females throwing their panties in the ring. No wonder all the boys want to be champions -- it's the only way they are ever gonna get any!

Of course there's no reason for Mom to worry. While I'm wandering around alone except for the strangers I pick up as I go along, I have the full protection of creepy little mutant creatures that hatch from eggs just because I walk around for awhile. In this world, "violence" is okay because there is no death, only "passing out" or "fainting". And for those of you in too much of a rush to wait for your Pokemon to recover naturally? Take them to a Pokecenter and have them taken care of by a cloned sex kitten named Nurse Joy *eyebrow wiggle*

Yeah, good times..

I guess I never realized quite how disturbing I found this concept, as a whole. LOL
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