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Journal last updated: Sunday, February 21st 2010 at 2:26 AM
Sorry but I don't appreciate being forced to allow adds. I use add blocker all over the internet with no problems. I have the freedom to do so. I never click on adds (anywhere) anyway, so why should I have to allow them to cause lag? Until I'm free to choose for myself, I won't return.

And Berry Smart
Full party click = Full party click ......Anything less, no promises.

Hi, I am RavensFire. I love Eevees, (all Eevees and there evolutions) Anime, Manga, Sci-fi. I am a geek, and its all my dads fault! ;P

My goals are as fallows:
Shiny Eevee (and apparently a LOT of ppl what one.)
My full team in all the games so far
Every Eevee form
and a Legendary
If any one has an Eevee egg that they don't want, I want it! ^_^ ( Or a ghost type, I like them too) ^_^

I hope you have a good day! ^_^ Gokigenyou! ^_^(FYI, that's Japanese)
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