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RangerHikari's Profile

Journal last updated: Saturday, August 6th 2016 at 10:15 AM
Proud Member of Team Instinct

Hello, I'm Ranger Hikari (real name is Sarah)
I'm from Germany.
My timezone is GMTplus 1

If you click my pokemon/eggs i will click your full party.
you can add me to your pal pad.

Special Thanks to:
for breeding me Crystal Onix
Namikawa Daisuke for Charmeleon Clone

14.09.10: got Ditto Egg
29.11.10: got hatched Shelderboy
25.12.10: got hatched Summer Swinub
25.12.10: got hatched Lugia
26.12.10: got Present Drifloon Egg
06.01.11: got hatched Bulbasaur Clone
08.02.11: got Future Shuppet egg
12.02.11: hatched Shiny Basurao
03.05.11: hatched Shiny Pachirisu
05.10.11: found Past Misdreavous in the Shelter
10.10.11: got Flaming Zorua Egg
21.01.12: got hatched Festive Makuhita
04.03.13: got hatched Mistilil
22.02.15: got hatched Pink Caterpie

My Goals:
get an Easter Buneary [x]
get Eevee [x]
get a Shiny [x]
and get all Eeveelutions []
get a Lab Legend [x]
get Legendarys [x]
get MissingNo. [x]
get all Profil Updates []
get all Pokemon and level them to lv. 100 []
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