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Raizdorf's Profile

Journal last updated: Sunday, July 1st 2012 at 1:22 PM
Hey, who are you ?

I'm a Belgian guy who speaks French, learns English, Dutch, Latin and Greek at school.
About my studies, I'm not sure what I would like to do.
My hobby is simple: video games.
About video games, my favourite games are Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door, Tales of Symphonia, Beyond Good & Evil, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, the Super Mario serie, the Legend of Zelda serie, et cetera...
And my favourite characters are Ganondorf, Hobo Phoenix, Genis Sage, Jade, Luke Triton and some more.
That's more or less all about me.

My goals on GPX:

* Hatch a shiny novelty (maybe one of these temporal-novelties)
* Hatch absolutely Shiny Togepi, Shiny Lunatone, Shiny Feebas
* Complete the most difficult explorations
* Have Creationist
* Buy: All Shine Extend, all Shelter Pass, Lucky Egg, Odd Incens

Currently Hunting:

-Lunatone In progress...
-Litwick In progress...
-Tepig In progress
-Feebas In progress...
-Solosis In progress...
-Past Misdreavus In progress...


05/01/12: Nidoran M KING BLEU
22/01/12: Ponyta Lust
26/05/12: Lapras Cloak
04/06/12: Pineco Acedia
16/16/12: Togepi Envy
01/07/12: [color=purple]Mismagius[/col] StardustReverie
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