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Points: 3,135,273
Pass Orbs: 7,424

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Prize Points: 634
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Joined: Sun. May. 3/09
Last seen: Wed. Nov. 20/19 (Desktop)
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From: Hong Kong
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Raitsubasa's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, September 26th 2017 at 2:22 AM
The name is Raitsubasa, Raitsubasa Humitsuki Shiino. Have been a pokemon trainer for 21 years.
Favourite pokemon : Raichu & all electric pokemon

The Chu Club

Shiny wish list:The Yellow Fire Lizard with line
More Shiny Pichu

Random chat: Looking for a shiny Grass/Fairy pillow to sleep on.

*~Raitsubasa's Information~*

Raitsubasa is very energetic which always rolls down the stairs carelessly. Always has a book or handhold console. Growls when frustrated.

Owner: Hanaichi Shiino & Kaoru Shiino
Location: Outer space
Type: Chibi/Wolf Pokémon
Nature: Childish (Likes white chocolate)
Status: Normal
Level: 26
Maturity: 260,000 / infinite
Happiness: 140
Bred by: Shiino Family
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Egg laid: October 1990
Hatched on: Tuesday, July 16, 1991
Last level up: July 16, 2017
Last evolution: Never

Raitsubasa's PokéDex Information
Name: Raitsubasa
Nickname: Rai
Small wolf Pokémon
Type: Electric, Dark
Egg group: No eggs
Colour: Sunshine Wheat
Height: 159cm
Times obtained: 1
Weight: 55kg
First obtained: Tuesday, July 16, 1991
Evolution: Does not evolve

Raitsubasa Egg
Samll wolf Pokémon Egg
Rarity: Scary rare
Maturity needed: infinite
Times obtained: 1
First obtained: October, 1990
"A Sunshine Wheat egg with a raven black top. It also has two black spots that look like eyes. It sometimes rolls down stairs and bumps into a bottle of milk or Mocha."
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