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    Journal last updated: Thursday, September 1st 2011 at 5:54 AM
    If you read this then 1000 internetz for you, I'm surprised people actually see this. Anyway I'm shiny hunting for novelties including corruptibles (Primal Dialga,Fake Groudon etc.). So if you want to know when I'm going to release them just message me and include a list of which novelties you want to be alerted to when I release it.

    Shiny Hunts

    Format is Eggs Hatched/Total Shinies
    Updated when I hatch a shiny so the total hatched currently might be off.

    Rotom: 418/4
    Zorua: 13/0
    Litwick : 88/1
    Voltorb : 7/1
    Anorith: 9/1
    Klink: 5/0

    Legend and Novelty Hunts

    Fossil Relicanth: 3/0
    Fossil Anorith: 2/0
    Fossil Omanyte: 1/0
    Fossil Kabuto: 3/0
    Fossil Aerodactyl: 1/0
    Fossil Lileep: 2/0
    Fossil Cranidos: 2/0
    Fossil Shieldon: 1/0
    Zergoose: 1/0 Obtained through use of the Christmas Exchange
    Manaphy: 8/0
    Palkia: 4/0
    Dialga: 5/0
    Cresselia: 6/0
    Groudon: 2/0
    Kyogre: 2/0
    Mewtwo: 2/0
    Lugia: 2/0
    Ho-oh: 0/0
    Latias: 1/0
    Latios: 2/0
    Rayquaza: 3/0
    Slime Slugma: 21/0
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