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Journal last updated: Wednesday, February 5th 2014 at 3:32 PM
Shinies to still obtain (so I don't forget, because I totally will):
Bug Type: Scyther, Surskit, Sewaddle [hunting], Spinarak [hunting], Burmy male [hunting next after I finish one of the older hunts], Shuckle
Grass Type: Lotad [hunting], Autumn Tropius, Ferroseed, Cottonee, Petalil, Snivy
Steel Type: Pawniard, Aron
Flying Type: Pudgey Pidgey, Swellow, Spearow
Normal Type: Ditto, Eevee, Sentret, Porygon
Others: Ralts, Gastly, Dratini, Solosis, Mudkip, Roggenmorpha, Growlithe, Voltorb hunting, Drilbur, Spheal, Litwick, Mareep, Cyndaquil, Sandshrew, Gulpin

Most wanted Shiny Legends:
Victini, Latias, Mew, Giratina, Uxie

Jirachi exploration
*Swablu x 3 [Safari Zone]
*Phanpy x 3
*Swablu [again]
*Pichu x6
*Razor Fang
*Moon Stone
*Kirlia lv100
*Mightyena lv100
*Salamence lv100
*Dusclops lv100

Regi exploration
*1 metal coat and 2 metal powders
*3 hard stones
*a ground type
*Relicanth lv50
*Wailord lv50

Victini exploration
*Ampharos lv 30
*Fearow lv 30
*Victreebel lv 50
*Leaf Stone [to evolve Victreebel]

Deoxys exploration
*Pidgey [Safari Zone]
*any Water-type
*3 Spell Tags
The shard corresponds to the game that form appears in. From left to right,
Dark Green Shard: Emerald SPEED FORM
Light Green Shard: Leaf Green DEFENSE FORM
Bright Red Shard: Fire Red ATTACK FORM
Bold Purple Shard: Ruby/Sapphire NORMAL FORM

Unown exploration
*3 repel
*1 fresh water
*1 mystic water
*Poliwrath lv 50
*Water Stone [to evolve Poliwrath]

Spikey Eared Pichu exploration
*Onix lv50 x2

Beast exploration
*Ninetails lv35
*2 fresh water
*1 antidote
*Arcanine lv20

Musketeer trio exploration
*2 fresh water
*Marrill lv40
*Banette lv40
*Audino lv40
*Shiny stone
*razor claw
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