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 R e n

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R e n's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, August 31st 2017 at 2:22 PM
Current Status: Hoping I get accepted into veterinary/graduate school...

.:Trainer Info:.

Hi I'm R e n (formerly JyuubiNoOkami). I'm (hopefully) a future veterinary/graduate school student, and Pokémon have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.


[08/14/17] Starting up some new shiny hunts. Probably a bad idea...
- Shiny Horsea - Eggs: 219
- Shiny Skrelp - Eggs: 153
- Shiny Blitzle - Pending
- Shiny Mudbray - Pending
- Shiny Zoroa - Pending
- Shiny Flaming Zoroa - Pending
- Shiny Winter Vulpix - Pending
- Shiny Alolan Vulpix - Pending


* get all of the gym badges [40/40] COMPLETED!
* get all of the + gym badges [30/40]
* become the champion of all the leagues [5/5] COMPLETED!
* become the champion of all the + leagues [1/5]
* complete all of the Pokédexs (according to achievements) [0/7]
* get shinies of all of the starters [2/21]
* get shinies of all of the Eeveelutions [0/8]

.:Future Plans:.

* shiny dragons
* shiny dinosaurs
* shiny dogs/foxes
* shiny horses
* beat TimeKnight in a shiny race
* recreate all of my Pokémon teams from the games
* perfect IV Pokémon for battling
* get Social Network achievement so I can add more people on my PalPad
* raise overall rank on site to something at least < 1000...
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