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Journal last updated: Monday, June 27th 2011 at 5:31 PM
Like many, I began as a trainer. I worked my way to the top; fought the Elite Four, defeated them, and became a renowned Champion. My Pokemon were topnotch and I loved them with all my heart, and really, I still do.
But that is a finished chapter of my story. I've always been interested in breeding and contesting Pokemon, and would look upon these things with curiosity from afar back when I was still a trainer. After all that, suddenly I had all the freetime in the world to look into it. And I did.
Like I said, my Pokemon were the best. People from all over clamored to get their own Pokes into their bloodlines. I am now a Champion breeder as well. People ooh and aww when they see my Pokemons' shining coats in contests, their superior inherited movesets when sparring. It would be foolish of me to say that I have never lost before, and so I will not. Whoever beats me is truly talented, as well as their Pokemon.
So what do you need? Just a glimpse at my beloved creatures? One of my brood? Or do you truly feel you can outdo me in battle?
I await your response.

If you click, I click back. :) If I'm the one who clicks first, then please do the same for me. Also make sure to check out the awesome peeps on my PalPad. ;3
So yes, my goal is basically to become a 'famous' breeder on this here site. I love to breed stuff (you can likely find me on every virtual animal petsite that allows breeding EVER) and I like seeing people go gaga over the broods I make for their 'quality'. I also have no life, BAAAWWW, so expect to see me online often.
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