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Journal last updated: Friday, September 30th 2011 at 11:45 PM
So, after you catch 'em all... what then?

Sep. 11th '10 Shiny Ponyta!
Dec. 2nd '10 Shiny Sneasel!
Dec. 9th '10 Shiny Mawile!
Dec. 17th '10 Shiny Glameow!
Dec. 26th '10 Shiny Gastly!
Dec. 28th '10 Shiny Deerling!
Dec. 29th '10 Shiny Buneary!
Jan. 1st '11 Shiny Misdreavus!
Jan. 7th '11 Shiny Shuppet!
Jan. 19th '11 Shiny Relicanth!
Jan. 31st '11 Shiny Eevee!
Feb. 16th '11 Shiny Snorunt!
Feb. 24th '11 Shiny Pidove! (Dream World 1st Gen)
Mar. 5th '11 Shiny Gulpin!
Mar. 12th '11 Shiny Caterpie!
Mar. 26th '11 Shiny Sableye! LAB!
Mar. 27th '11 Shiny Sneasel!
Apr. 2nd '11 Shiny Litwick!
Apr. 2nd '11 Shiny Sableye! Another Lab!
Apr. 10th '11 Shiny Drifloon!
Apr. 29th '11 Shiny Zangoose!
Apr. 29th '11 Shiny Yamask!
May. 17th '11 Shiny Porygon! Lab born, 5th egg!
May. 21st '11 Shiny Klink!
Jun. 1st '11 Shiny Charmander!
Jun. 11th '11 Shiny Ho-oh! Legendary!!!
Jun. 11th '11 Shiny Frillish! male
Jun. 27th '11 Shiny Future Shuppet!
Jun. 30th '11 Shiny Duskull!
Jul. 3rd '11 Shiny Dratini!
Jul. 17th '11 Shiny Purrloin!
Jul. 25th '11 Shiny Spiritomb!
Jul. 28th '11 Shiny Cherubi!
Sep. 30th '11 Shiny Zorua!

Sep. 21st '10 DITTO! Doppleganger
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