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Journal last updated: Monday, June 7th 2010 at 8:52 AM
this is not the journal you're looking for

Most interactions in one day: 3,994 Sunday 21st of February 2010 (AEST)

Updates (Based on Australian EST)
12th of May: Got a Re(gi)^%u221Egas egg from the event and found a red chest.
3rd of May: Picked up a Cresselia egg in the lab by accident, FINALLY (note the emphasis on the word "finally") got a Ditto egg.
2nd of May: Hatched a shiny Slime Slugma.
30th of January: Found another blue chest.
26th of January: Hatched a shiny Palkia and a shiny Shellder.
25th of January: Found a blue chest and a black chest within half an hour.

- Complete the National Dex
'-> Kanto Dex [146/146]
'-> Johto Dex [93/93]
'-> Hoenn Dex [128/128]
'-> Sinnoh Dex [80/106]

Shiny Pokemon
Remoraid ~ 7/1/10 (from Egg)
Tropius ~ 16/1/10 (from Shelter)
Palkia ~ 26/1/10 (from Egg)
Shellder ~ 26/1/10 (from Egg)
Slime Slugma ~ 2/5/10 (from Egg)
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