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Journal last updated: Sunday, December 5th 2010 at 11:28 PM
Hello! I am PurplePoctopus.

I'm 16 and I'm a Junior in high school. I want to be a marine biologist, and I've been playing pokemon since I was five.

I love to write! I write fan fics (I'm purplePoctopus on Fanfiction dot net too!), and also my own little stories (but those are mainly for myself) My best friend and I are currently trying to write a book. While it most likely won't be on bookstore shelves at all... We are insanely proud of it.

My favorite shows are Supernatural, Degrassi, Glee and Bones. I only watch TV when those shows are on (Or it's shark week!), but I'm a total computer junkie. I'm always online!

Oh, and I am a member of the grammar police.
Are, Our
Your, You're
Its, It's
Through, Threw

My Legendaries
Kyogre x2, Latias, Lugia

Easter Buneary
Winter Vulpix
Fossil Relicanth
Slime Slugma
Fossil Aerodactyl
Spiky Eared Pichu
Crystal Onix
Fossil Omanyte

10-28-10 Got my first shiny! Same shiny as my first In-Game too!
11-28-10 Second Shiny! Phanpy FTW!
12-4-10 Random Shiny! Shimama!
12-5-10 Shiny hunt complete! Taillow!
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