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Journal last updated: Friday, April 1st 2011 at 4:57 PM

Got Shiny Litwick! First shiny hunt win. :3 And I like it.~

I got a Shiny Croagunk by surprise earlier last week too. Shotgun Sally.

So back to trying to fill the pokedex and do explorations. I should be ready to do the poacher one soon.


Rubenstein grew to level 100!

Hatched a Shiny Tauros...when I wasn't even looking for it...so there's Young Neil!

On my first Exploration, incident in a forest or whatever. Now on the part with the Onix raising.

Collecting as many gen fives as possible. Found a Dialga in the shelter! And...um...just trying to get some Achievements.


Got a Dome Fossil underground! Still hunting the same pokes.

Rubenstein's a Charizard now. ^^


Finally bough the Shine thinger, so I'm hunting shinies! Looking for Shinx for now, Mareep as a default since half the eggs or so will be wooly.

Also looking for Bidofo. I almost have the first Novelty trio.

I'm going to try to tackle Achievements for now so I can do an Exploration soon. Maybe get my first legendary or something.
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