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 Puppy Chow

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Joined: Mon. Apr. 13/09
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From: United States
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    Puppy Chow's Profile

    Journal last updated: Saturday, April 20th 2013 at 12:13 PM
    Hey there! Puppy Chow here. I've been an avid player since April 13th, 2009. I am Puppy-Chow on DeviantART and Tumblr!

    I am currently taking commissions of Pokemon Characters! They would be similar to the Explorations I did. For more info, please, PM me! ^___^

    Click me. I relentlessly click back.

    3-13-12: Wow I haven't updated this in forever... Currently exploring and shiny hunting!

    I'm currently hunting shiny Cyndaquil and shiny Drilbur.

    My Main Goal or This Game is to Hatch and Raise Them All!

    ~Progress: 640/ 649 *Novelty numbers not included since they vary over time.

    o Litwick- Chandelure : 1/1122
    o Kangaskhan : 1/1
    o Shuppet - Banette : 1/1
    o Misdreavus - Mismagius : 1/1
    o Pichu - Pikachu : 1/9
    o Slugma : 1/64
    o Zigzagoon - Linoone : 1/92
    o Rattata - Raticate : 1/9
    o Poochyena-Mightyena : 1/449
    o Totodile : 1/330
    o Horsea - Kingdra : 1/344
    o Solosis : 1/490
    o Shinx : 1/383
    o Roggenrola - Gigalith : 1/55
    o Bidoof - Bibarel : 1/47
    o Vulpix - Ninetales : 1/180

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