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Journal last updated: Tuesday, July 24th 2012 at 4:20 PM
Keeeeeeep clickin, i will rtf to everyone :p

Clicking Policy:

Will fully click back, no matter what ^^. No, wait. I can't click back if i'm not online. But other than that, always clicking back. Will click the people in your Journal as well.

10/30/09 - Hatched my first egg! Zangoose =]
11/2/09 - O.O OMG my dream come true! Zergoose egg adopted at shelter!!
11/2/09 - Also hatched spiritomb egg
11/4/09 - Hatched Zergoose egg :)
11/5/09 - Reaper Cloth appeared in my inventory without my knowing...wierd. oh well, its a good thing ^^
11/7/09 - OMG THE SHELTER LOVES MEE!! ^^ Easter Buneary(hatched) Found In Shelter
1/29/10 - Recieved a mystery event egg o.o YAY!!!
1/30/10 - Black chest XD
11/23/11 - Shiny vulpix hatched....first successful shiny hunt :D 17 eggs hatched
11/24/11 - Shiny litwick hatched....second successful shiny hunt, and in 18 eggs :p
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