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 Professor Sycamore

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Professor Sycamore's Profile

Journal last updated: Thursday, February 4th 2016 at 8:49 PM

I have WAY too many trinkets. So if you are on my PalPad and collect them (or want some more from my affinity), let me know somehow.
I would be glad to help out a bit ^^

You do not have to return the favour. I prefer giving over taking... so do not worry (;
But if you do, it's amazing and I appreciate it a lot. Thanks! ^__^

Collecting the following trinkets:

- Sycamore Doll
- N Doll
- N's Hat (low priority)
- Cuddly Festive Aerodactyl
Professor Sycamore has no recent activity.

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Pokedex Master Plus (Oct 19/15)
I Am Legend (Feb 13/15)
Unique Entry (Sep 20/13)
Shiny Collector (Sep 22/13)
Good Luck (Jan 18/14)
Lucky Day (Oct 6/13)

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