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 Professor Cypress

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Journal last updated: Sunday, May 31st 2009 at 12:29 PM
It all started when I was twelve....

I was fishing in a lake near home. Though I ended up finding nothing whilst fishing, I found something strange on the lakeside. It was light blue, oval, and had several strange markings over it. It was an egg! I ended up picking it up and taking it home with me, purely out of curiosity. I noticed that day after day, a crack in the egg was growing progressively larger until, finally, a Remoraid had hatched from the egg!

This Remoraid became my faithful partner, and we were always with each other no matter what. Eventually, Remoraid evolved into an Octillery, and I was overjoyed. I can still remember that moment as if it were only yesterday....

Many years ago when I was a Pokémon Trainer, I noticed that many Trainers focused on filling up their Pokédexes with just Pokémon data. Remembering the day I found the Remoraid egg by the lakeside, I formed an idea. Collecting data on Pokémon eggs! I spent several years collecting a few more Pokémon eggs on my own (Aron, Chinchou, Rhyhorn, and Combee respectively), until I decided to study to become a Pokémon Professor.

The task of obtaining data on all Pokémon eggs proved to be a daunting one. That was one of my main reasons for becoming a Professor. This way, I am able to enlist the help of people worldwide to help me complete my goal of recording data on every single type of Pokémon egg. I frequently collect eggs (I collect them myself, though some people donate eggs to me as well) and put them into my Lab for everybody to freely take and hatch.

I strive to put together the ultimate Pokédex. A Pokédex that contains information on every single Pokémon egg, and every single Pokémon, as well as information on rarer Pokémon that are different colours (like my Aron). And as everybody helps me collect data, they also end up bonding with the Pokémon that they hatch. And that makes me happy.
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