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Journal last updated: Wednesday, July 31st 2013 at 11:54 PM
Hi Everybody!!!

One-clickers: Click the first Pokemon/Egg Please.

I always click back. If not immediately sure I will do in the night before the reset.

Click my Pal Pad friends they are amazing and always click back.

Alphabet Soup: Complete! 02/01/11

Shiny Novelty Hunt!
Fake Groudon 0/15
MissingNo. 1/48
Charmeleon Clone 0/34
Winter Ninetales 0/10
Valentacruel 1/24
Past Misdreavus 0/3
Slime Slugma 0/312
Crystal Steelix 1/769

Shiny Fossils Hunt!
Fossil Omanyte 0/64
Fossil Kabutops 1/491
Fossil Aerodactyl 1/73
Fossil Cradily 0/76
Fossil Anorith 0/71
Fossil Relicanth 1/13
Fossil Rampardos 1/95
Fossil Bastiodon 1/101
Fossil Carracosta 0/9
Fossil Archeops 0/5


If I denied any of your offers is because:
A) Is a Trinket that I already have.
B) Is a Trinket that I can get from my affinity.
C) I'm not interested in that Trinket.

What I'm trying to get:
Heart-shaped Griseous Orb
Heart-shaped Adamant Orb
Heart-shaped Lustrous Orb
Zapdos Clock
Articuno Clock
Entei Plushie
The Fool
Zapdos Marble

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