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 Prince Sal

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Points: 1,406,807
Pass Orbs: 1,917

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Prize Points: 481
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Joined: Fri. May. 1/09
Last seen: Tue. Dec. 1/20 (Desktop)
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      —Shiny Applin

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Prince Sal's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, July 24th 2020 at 4:37 AM
Status : Is Mostly Offline

If you want to know how I click (what to expect)
:normally I will click exploration pokemon first
:then I will click a mixture of pokemon and eggs
-I work from the 'users online' 'users that have been online' and 'users who have interacted with me today', if I run out, I will start on 'users'

My Trinkets in the market (what to expect)
:unless it's something I can't get (meaning not available for wulfenite) I will not accept any trinket of lower rarity then the one I offer.
:when trading for a trinket I will always try to offer something that most of the users need, and will often offer higher rarity trinkets if I have duplicates.

News :
working on gym achievements
working on completing all explorations once
completed shortest shiny hunt yet - Archen in 15 eggs

About Me:
You can call me Sumner, Sal, or Citrus(y)
I love most movies
I love watching tv, but since I don't have it anymore, I use netflix instead.
I draw *hugs tablet* and always have a want to draw a webcomic
I love rping, and always have characters swimming around in my head ^_^
I've liked pokemon since it first came out in America, my first game was Pokemon Red, and normally my starter type is a water type. Squirtle has helped me out of a lot of tough jams with his bubble.
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