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 Powerful Concrete of Doom

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Journal last updated: Monday, April 13th 2015 at 4:16 PM
COBALT IS A CUCURBIT. If you acknowledge that fact too, copy this sentence into your short message.

Also, I AM gonna get OVER 9000 sets of Sacks of Wurmples and none of you, foolish mortals, will dare to stay in my way. Because I said so. Amen, father.

Awrite, shiny hunt that lasted 22 minutes - anyone to beat that one? :3

Kantodex: (151/151)
Hoenndex: (141/141)
Now completing:
Johtodex (121/127) left: some Unowns [F/M/R/T/W/Z]
Sinnohdex (121/139) left: Arceus. Every single one. BOI OH BOI, these are gonna take me some time to get xDDD
Unovadex (166/171) left: Therian Kamis, White Kyuurem, alter Keldeo.

Swoja droga... Wszyscy polscy gracze, laczcie sie! Jesli rozumiecie ten tekst - dajcie mi znac, bede mial kogo dopisac na liste przyjaciól xD

Baww. I won a shiny voucher and used it on an Litwick egg... A month before Litwick shiny hunt. Yeah, it used to be pretty rare shiny back then. Do. Not. Like. :<
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