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 Poptart Cat

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Journal last updated: Monday, August 31st 2015 at 9:54 PM
Hello there! I'm Poptart Cat.

I'm an arts high student in the Visual Arts. I generally don't have very much free time (art takes a LOT of time to make) but when I do have a few moments, I'm a Girl Scout, I play gpx+ (duh), I watch Marvel Movie Marathons, read comics, work in my art journal and try not to burn any buildings down. Seriously. Gamsol is really flammable.

I'm not really partial to any type of Pokemon, but I do love starters! (And Smeargle, of course.)

I generally don't have any achievement goals, but I'm working towards levelling all of my Pokemon up to Lv. 100. I think the achievements will come to me along the way.

From now on, I will release all used Exploration Pokemon for others to use. I strongly encourage others to follow my lead, so I don't have to hatch and raise every single Pokemon for every single task (not that I do that anyway; I mostly just hunt for them in the Safari Zone.)

Finally got the Social Network achievement! PM me if you want me to help you on yours.

I am of the Wulfenite Affinity. Send me trinkets, or trade...I need quite a lot! It seems like nobody's actively trading trinkets...

Send all of my Pokémon Underground

Level up all of my Pokémon up to Lv. 100

Get all of my Pokémon up to maximum happiness

Get the Kanto Master acheivement

Finish the Kanto Shinydex
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