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Journal last updated: Sunday, August 2nd 2015 at 11:15 PM
Add me to your pal pad for guaranteed clicks every day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TRUST ME, YOU WILL NOT REGRET ADDING ME TO YOUR PAL PAD

if you see ANYTHING you see in my drop box, just PM me.

I don't care if you are a one clicker or a full clicker, I always click you back! :)

Don't forget to click my friend mudkipper,he's always clicking back!!!!!

I now have a silph scope, so if you want me to breed ANYTHING, just PM me.


first shiny[x](litwick, got it during the site-wide shiny hunt!!!!!)
first level 100[x](winter ninetails)
first legendary[x](Shaymin)
first corrupted pokemon[ ]
first novelty[x](slime slugma)
first evolved pokemon[x](winter vulpix to a winter ninetails)
ARCEUS!!!!!![ ]
get a missing no.[x]
Shiny Squirtle [x]
All Kanto starters shiny [X]
All Johto starters shiny[ ]
All Hoenn starters shiny[ ]
All Sinnoh starters shiny [ ]
All Unova starters shiny [ ]
All starters from all regions shiny (with the exception of the Kalos region as those pokemon are unobtainable.) [ ]
Shiny Novelty [ ]

Shiny Hunts:

Completed Shiny Hunts:
Litwik- Part of site wide shiny hunt.
Shiny Squirtle Hunt- (shiny one is so AWESOME,you should get one to) [Now over. Thanks to everyone who clicked! :)
Bulbasaur- (Finished as of 9:30 PM 1/27/14)
Charmander- (Finished as of 11:22 PM 1/19/2014)
Cyndaquil- (Finished as of 10:40 PM 1/31/2014) [Shiny Race victory versus John Trollstein... sorry buddy :P]
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