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 Plasma Soul

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    Journal last updated: Saturday, May 21st 2011 at 7:30 PM
    1 clickers please click the egg which is closer to hatch or the legendary/shiny with the high lvl ^^
    If you click all my pokemon in the party, I'll click you back asap :D
    You can add me to your pal pad for daily full clicks to each of your pokemon (while I'm online)

    All Legenday 18 of 45
    All Achievements 82 of 210
    Shiny Eevee evolution collection 1 of 8

    Caterpie [X]
    Charmander (Charmeleon) [X] *Race* (Charizard) [X]
    Dratini (Dragonite) [ ]
    Eevee [X] Vaporeon [ ] Jolteon [ ] Flareon [ ] Espeon [ ] Umbreon [ ] Leafeon [ ] Glaceon [ ]
    Gastly (Haunter) [ ]
    Growlithe (Arcanine) [ ]
    Hoothoot (Noctowl) [ ]
    Kabuto [ ]
    Magicarp [ ] Gyarados [X]
    Ponyta (Rapidash) [ ]
    Porygon *Competition* [X]
    Relicanth *Competition* [X]
    Spinarak (Ariados) [ ]
    Vulpix [X] (Ninetales) [X]
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