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 Plain Jane

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    Journal last updated: Saturday, August 29th 2020 at 1:03 AM
    1. plain, drab, dull, etc.
    1. basic or simple; ordinary; unremarkable
    I'm Jane.

    I played as a kid pre-Berry Feeder and came back in November 2018 to start anew, and have since accomplished several magnitudes more than I did on my old account.

    At any given time I'm probably bored, miserable, depressed, or some combination of the three, and I've dedicated as much time and effort to GPX+ the past two years because it helps distract from those emotions.

    Part of it has to do with nostalgia, part of it has to do with how aesthetics and familiarity appeal to me above all else, but it's primarily because this game has a unique grind that I've never been able to replicate anywhere else (even on sites similar to this one), and there are a lot of goals to work at over time. I never find myself getting too bored.

    I'm always in #gpx on the Discord when I'm in active phases on here. I love talking to people. Please join if you'd like.

    Highest rank: 9

    Something's been wrong for a long time
    I just wanted to be told a way to live
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