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    Journal last updated: Saturday, May 17th 2014 at 11:29 PM
    I left but I came back because summer is boring.

    Summer from April to August due to Academic Calendar Shift!

    Formerly Contestshipping Pikachu
    17-year-old Filipina on her first year of college. Miles Edgeworth is my man.

    Current Goals:
    1. Obtain Best In Show - 1/5 Rank 1 Poke Hunts
    2. Obtain Alphabet Soup - 7/28 Unown forms
    3. Obtain Slowpoke Tail Connoisseur - 4/5 Slowpoke Tails
    4. Obtain Insatiably Curious - 22/37 Completed Unique Explorations
    5. Obtain Happy Ending - 300/350 Max Happiness Pokemon
    6. Obtain That Everlasting Flame!! - 1/3 TBD Completions

    Completed Explorations:
    The Incident In The Yellow Forest - Beachside Treasure - Transforming The Heart - A Ripple In Time - Babysitting Adventure - Punishing A Poacher - Dark Saturday - Mystery Creature of the Ruins x4 - Sweet Success - The Passionate Duo - That Burning Desire!! - The Quiet Forest - Deep in the Laboratory - The Great Rescue - Star-Guided Journey - The Angered Gods of Weather - Protecting The Fragile - Tour of Illusions - A Vacation to Remember - Through The Looking Glass - Beneath the Frozen Forest - Needing A Friend
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