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Points: 354,690
Pass Orbs: 353

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Prize Points: 241
Ranking: 3,585
Joined: Sun. Oct. 11/09
Last seen: Mon. May. 4/20 (Mobile)
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From: United States
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    Journal last updated: Tuesday, October 9th 2012 at 9:28 AM
    I don't click exploration Pokemon when it's foggy.
    Link: Check it out. It's useful! All Pokemon with their Shiny sprites.

    Current Projects:
    ~ 5th Shiny Eevee hunt.
    ~ Shiny Riolu hunt.
    ~ Shiny Gulpin hunt.
    ~ Shiny Snowflake hunt.
    ~ Shiny Winpix hunt. (slowslowslow)

    One-clickers, please click the FIRST THING in line!

    Muchos gracias!

    I like to make a habit of re-clicking those who have clicked me. If you have added me to your pal-pad, chances are I will only click you if you've clicked me first, or if I just need the interaction points for a quest or my PokeWalker.

    I am a member of Pokerus Plague! (<- link)

    Ultimate Goal of Impossibility:
    ~ Shiny Eevees: 4/8

    Physical Pokes in PC Not up to date.
    ~ Kanto: 146/151
    ~ Johto: 99/100
    ~ Hoenn: 125/135
    ~ Sinnoh: 103/107
    ~ Unova: 123/160
    ~ Total: 478/653

    ~ Shinies: 16
    ~ Little Man: 7
    ~ Chests: 7 (soul dew, flower, green orb, lustrous orb, corruption orb x2, griseous orb)
    ~ Spec. Explorations: Celebi(#142), Jirachi(#559), Regigigas(#104), Mewtwo(#631), Articuno(#1,467), Victini(#705), Raikou(#147), Keldeo(#634), Genesect(#323), Thundurus(#1,886), Kyurem(#259), Virizion(#841), Mesprit(#450), Zekrom(#2,156), Regice(#2,161)
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