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 PKMN Lover Imani

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PKMN Lover Imani's Profile

Journal last updated: Friday, October 22nd 2010 at 2:22 PM
I am a full party clicker! I'll click everyone in your party!

For those one clickers, please click on the lowest xp Pokémon or the egg! If I don't click back, I'm offline. I will try to click back asap! Also, click on my friends as well. They will click back! Also, If I didn't click an egg, it's about to hatch. I'll try to look back to see if you hatched it. Also, go ahead and add me to your Pal Pad if you wish. I will click you every day I can!
Current Pokémon Info
I have all three starters of Johto and Sinnoh!
Daycare Info
Turtwig and Mankey doesn't mix...Of course, I really didn't want them to anyways.
Walker Info
My Seal is in there...so cute!
Underground Info
I now have my Piplup underground....
Egg Info
I got me a Magnemite egg!
Vs Seeker Info
Wow, three Pokémon came out of there ready to evolve...I like this.
Wanted List
Starter Pokémon 6/12 Eevee Evolutions 1/7
Dragonite, Raichu, Caterpie & Evolutions, Shuppet, Gastly & Evolutions, Mankey & Evolutions, Shinx & Evolutions, Bagon & Evolutions
Acount Upgrades Needed
Dowsing MCHN
Silph Scope
Odd Incense
Destiny Knot
Fashion Case
Secret Key
Lucky Egg
Amulet Coin
Shelter Pass [5]
Extra PC Box [15]
About Me
B-day: Feb. 25
Age: 18
Fave food: Chinese
Fave Color: None
All Video Gamers R Welcome 2 Be My Friend
Love Anime/Manga
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