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Journal last updated: Monday, May 19th 2014 at 1:14 PM
Name: Marcelo
Country: Portugal

I love gaming, especially retrogaming, anime, and puzzles. I'm a youtuber, my channel is named Canal Do Bufo and the show I currently have talks about the history o video games. I click back, and have the odd incense, so before going to bed I'll activate it and click everyone a second time.


Complete the Pokedex:

Getting all non-legendaries:
Currently getting the 5th Generation non-legendaries.

Breed Novelties:
I'm breeding novelties that are getting rare on the shelter. If you have a request for any novelty you find that needs breeding send me a PM. I'll donate 10 Novelty eggs than switch it up, and in case someone asks me by PM, I'll donate 50 eggs.
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