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Points: 40,163
Pass Orbs: 33

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Prize Points: 41
Ranking: 7,403
Joined: Fri. Jul. 17/09
Last seen: Thu. Dec. 12/13 (Desktop)
User group: Donors
From: United States
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    Journal last updated: Saturday, August 4th 2012 at 9:49 PM
    I'm Berry Smart.


    Name: ObiWanKenobi
    Alignment: Jedi
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female
    Affinity: Malachite
    Upgrades: Amulet Coin, Bicycle, Destiny Knot, Extra PC Box x2, Grip Claw, Itemfinder, Odd Incense, Scouter, Secret Key, Shelter Pass x1, Silph Scope, Versus Seeker, White Token, Wide Lens
    Unown: BCEHJMTV!
    Shinyhaz: Ninetales, Pachirisu, Ampharos, Purugly, Raichu, Swalot, Swampert, Furret, Porygon-T, Cherrim (Damp), Jumpluff, Seadra
    Shinywants: Snivy, Zorua, Zergoose, Winter Vulpix, Ghastly, Venonat, Ponyta, Eevee x2, Staryu, Dunsparce, Drifloon, Swablu, Vanillite, Flaming Zorua
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