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 Obey Teh Muffin

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Journal last updated: Wednesday, August 26th 2009 at 7:23 PM
Yay copy pasta.

I'm leaving GPX/GTS.

Maybe I'll be back. Maybe not.
Maybe my account might be purged if they decide to do a clean-up again. :|
You can delete me, since I won't be clicking back and whatnot.
I'll be abandoning my pokemanz, so if you got one of 'em, take care of it.

Reason: I actually have homework this year, and it' only the third day.
By the time I finish, it's 10 o clock and I have to go to bed.
I'm on GPX way too much, I spend about 3 hours on it. I could be using that time to help my little brother with his reading/abc's, doing homework and other productive things.
That, and GPX is getting a little boring for me. *Click Click Click -Bathroom Break- Click Click*
The forums aren't any better, it's either noob, jerk, or elitist. Or all of the above.

Really, GPX was nothing more than something to occupy my time during summer vacation.

Mangafox: Atomic
GaiaOnline: Addicted To Muffins
Youtube: BunniBunny

I wish you all a happy life.

And with that, I say my final statement.

"Obey Teh Muffin!"


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