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NuzzlingPlague's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, November 26th 2012 at 10:24 PM

A Hardy-natured male Charizard (GOT IT!)
A Rash-natured male Dragonite (GOT IT!)
A Mild-natured male Haunter (GOT IT!)
A Sassy-natured male Lapras (GOT IT!)
A Serious-natured female Serperior (GOT IT!)
A Bold-natured female Reuniclus (GOT IT!)
A Docile-natured male Braviary (GOT IT!)
A Lonely-natured female Tyranitar (GOT IT!)
A Docile-natured female Cloyster (GOT IT!)
A Rash-natued male Volcarona (GOT IT!)
An Adamant-natured male Empoleon (GOT IT!)
A Naive-natured male Togekiss (GOT IT!)
A Mild-natured male Espeon (GOT IT!)
A Quiet-natured female Scizor (GOT IT!)
A Calm-natured female Hippowdon (GOT IT!)
A Jolly-natured male Electrivire (GOT IT!)
A Jolly-natured male Lucario (HATCHED!)
A Modest-natured male Infermape (HATCHED!)

And to get as many shinies as possible.

# of Shinies: 1
NuzzlingPlague has no recent activity.

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Kanto Master (Oct 8/12)
Johto Master (Oct 3/12)
Expert Explorer (Oct 11/12)
Deceitful Metapod (Sep 21/12)
Hoarder (Sep 15/12)
Great Success! (Sep 15/12)
Expert Clicker (Aug 16/12)
Expert Hatcher (Jul 23/12)
Expert Breeder (Jul 1/12)
Novice Summoner (Sep 17/12)

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