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    Journal last updated: Friday, February 15th 2019 at 10:37 PM

    u'sic forever~

    Pokemon goals:
    Female Litleo, brave nature
    Female Piplup, adamant nature
    Shiny Female Cutiefly, timid nature [this ones gunna take me forever i can feel it in my bones]
    Female Noibat, naughty nature
    Female Tirtouga, modest nature
    Female Lilipup, hasty nature
    Female Skitty, careful nature
    Female Dedenne, naive nature

    Muse Pokes:
    Nozomi -> Mismagius, lax nature
    Eli -> Alolan Ninetails, adamant nature
    Nico -> Snubbull, impish nature
    Honoka ->Teddiursa, brave nature
    Kotori -> Rowlet, gentle nature
    Umi -> Dewott, serious nature
    Hanayo ->Spring Deerling, quiet nature
    Rin -> Sh. Shinx, brave nature
    Maki-> Litten, serious nature

    Aqours Pokes:
    Dia -> Empoleon, adamant nature
    Mari -> Dewgong, impish/bold nature
    Kanan -> Carracosta, modest nature
    Ruby -> Sh. Ribombee, timid nature
    Yoshiko -> Noibat, naughty nature
    Hanamaru -> Dedenne, naive nature
    Chika -> Stoutland, hasty nature
    Riko ->Skitty, careful nature
    You -> Quagsire, hardy nature

    Brigitte -> Pyroar, brave nature
    [lwa pokes to be determined]
    Akko ->
    Diana ->
    Lotte ->
    Sucy ->
    Jasminka ->
    Amanda ->
    Constanze ->

    feel free to add me to your pal pads!
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