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 Nozomi Tojo

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Ranking: 15,760
Joined: Sat. Jun. 22/13
Last seen: Fri. Sep. 13/19 (Desktop)
User group: Newbies
From: France
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  • Godzilla
      —Shiny Tyranitar

    Lv. 100

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    10,240/10,240 ~ 100%

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Nozomi Tojo's Profile

Journal last updated: Monday, August 19th 2019 at 10:29 PM
21, she/her.
Perpetually tired lesbian, autistic.

I like Love Live, Bandori, Madoka Magica, Ojamajo Doremi, Godzilla and Sailor Moon

Shinies marked "owned on console" have a real life counterpart on either my Y or Ultra Moon saves.

Completed shiny hunts :
* "Olvog", shiny charizard Y, male (named after my early teens imaginary friend/coping mechanism
buddy, 109 eggs)(owned on console)
* "Nozomi", shiny Gourgeist, female (named after Nozomi Tojo from Love Live. 813 eggs, three males hatched and given away.)(owned on console)
* "Baragon", shiny Nidoking, male (named after the underground Kaiju from Godzilla, 111 eggs)(owned on console)
* "Maki", shiny liepard, female (named after Maki Nishikino from Love Live, 403 eggs)(Currently hunting on console)
* "Mothra", shiny volcarona, female (named after the moth goddess from Godzilla, 124 eggs)(owned on console)
* "Godzilla", shiny tyranitar, female (WRONG GENDER, named after the popular Kaiju from the franchise of the same name. Considering a second attempt.)(Owned on console with the right gender)

Shelter finds :

* "Ako", shiny crobat, female. (named after Ako Udagawa from BanG Dream)(owned on console)

Current shiny hunts :
* "Kiryu", Shiny aggron, male (named after the 2002 version of Mechagodzilla)
* "Gigan", shiny haxorus, male. (named after a villain from the Godzilla series) will be a bandori reference if female instead, but Gigan is preferred.
* "Tsugumi", shiny emolga, female (named after Tsugumi Hazawa from BanG Dream)(owned on console)
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Enough Already (Apr 9/18)
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Shine Master (Jun 28/19)
Great Success! (Apr 18/18)
Newbie Clicker (Apr 18/18)
Expert Hatcher (Apr 26/18)
Expert Breeder (Apr 8/18)
Newbie Summoner (Apr 17/18)
Consolation Prize (Feb 10/16)

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