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 Nove NuVonde

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Nove NuVonde's Profile

Journal last updated: Tuesday, October 26th 2021 at 10:21 PM
Heyy my name's Nove, I'm a trans menace and boyfriend of plasticoctopus! You can talk to me on Discord @ Nove NuVonde#4726 ;3 And one more thing.. trans rights are human rights baby!!!

Favorite Pokemon are Salazzleand Toxapex!
Favorite types are Psychic, Poison, and Dragon!

Latest shinies:

Magikarp Oct. 5, 2021
Almost done with karps!

Buizel Oct. 10, 2021
Needed to get its shiny dex

Zygarde Cell Oct. 13, 2021
Lucky boy on my way to getting Zygarde Complete!

Salandit Oct. 14, 2021
My second shiny Salandit and she's FEMALE!!!

Zubat Oct. 23, 2021
Random shiny while getting coins!

Achievement projects:

Alphabet Soup | 26/28
Just need I and X!

Insatiably Curious | 35/51

Master Commuter | 2380/3000

Perfect 10 | 7/10

Misc. goals

Trinkets ~2300/4169

Still working on egg dexes for various legendaries and Unown.

Aiming to get just one more shiny Gyarados!



Sky **


Toxic ****


Stone ***

Iron *


Meadow **


Splash *****

Zap **


Mind *

Dread **

Draco **

Pixie **
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Kanto Legend (Jun 20/21)
Johto Legend (Jun 21/21)
Hoenn Legend (Jun 21/21)
Sinnoh Legend (Jun 13/21)
Unova Legend (Jun 20/21)
Happy Anniversary! (May 27/21)
Lucky Day (Jun 17/21)
Master Battler (Jun 9/21)

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