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Journal last updated: Wednesday, February 9th 2011 at 2:46 AM
Hi there, I am part of the 6/1 clicking league! XD
lol, I am kidding, I click back the number you do.
Am currently attempting to get more novelties :P
So I have put the Shiny hunts on hold for now.

I am a member of the:
~Every Berry Counts~
~*Legendary Clickers*~

I am currently:
{ } Online
{ } Firin' meh Lazor
{X} Offline
{ } In some kind of online-offline limbo
(you'd be better off going by the pokeball. Sometimes I forget to change this)

Clicking and Policy:
1) I click back the exact number of clicks I have recieved, unless I am clicking first. That means all of you one-clickers will get one click back
2) I will add you to my Pal Pad if you click my entire Party regularly, or I know you
3) For all you one-clickers, please click my top egg

I will probably add more later, but that's all I can think of right know :P

To do list:
[X]Obtain a Zergoose
[X]Obtain an Winter Vulpix
[X]Obtain a Dracowymsy
[X]Obtain a Pokii
[ ]Your mum
[ ]Obtain a Sky Forme Shaymin
[X]Hatch and raise Absol and Zangoose to lvl 100
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