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 Nikki G

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Journal last updated: Saturday, November 2nd 2013 at 7:55 PM
Nov 2nd 2013::::
Steam is the best way to contact me over other sorts of things (Skype, art sites, tumblr, etc), as I always need to have it open to communicate to certain (important) people and it doesn't leave a lasting burn on my PC (if you understand that). I know there are other areas I've been slacking in due to lack of contact, so this note is for that and blah blah blah.

Very flattered RE: my trinket & Master Collector :X


Hi guys, if you have an idea to use any of my trinkets as a base for your own, at the very least LEAVE ME A PM about it!

Above message was posted sometime in early December 2012. Please inform me if there's been any sort of issues that you notice or something as I don't scroll through the forums as often as I once did! Thanks for all of your help x


Generally doing more offsite stuff, such as mess around with polish making and just general life things - being old sure is distracting.

User id: 29633 on vDex
Steamcommunity dot com forward slash id forward slash: nicklespickles



I release the majority of my Pokemon from time to time (incl. event legends and shinies), enjoy them! Thanks to those who rename them :)
I try to return clicks whenever I can, and give thanks for shinies (when applicable) in the Shinies thread on the forums.
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